• Uber Titanium

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  • Description

    This footbag is the Best footbag I make. It is made with over 850, tiny Titanium rings. Each ring is made from thin 0.047″ wire. Contains almost quadruple the number of rings compared to my other footbags.

    Because the rings are so small, and go together so tightly, it feels almost exactly like a sand-filled cloth footbag. Handles quite similarly, looks loads better, and will outlast countless cloth ones.

    The Titanium used in this footbag is top of the line, US milled, spring temper, Grade 5 Titanium. One of the strongest Titanium alloys out there. This is the same stuff that is used by NASA to build spaceships.

    So, if you want what in my opinion is the best footbag that I make, this is the one for you. But why does it cost so much you ask? Simple, it takes over 8 and a half hours to put together that many little rings; and to do it properly. (That is beside the fact I every ring is made by hand before it is assembled.)


    It has a great little jingle to it when kicked around. My new favorite hacky sack. And just like all my other footbags, it cannot get ruined by muddirtfireor water
    This means that if you get it gets wet, or if it accidentally falls into a bucket of jet fuel and then somehow catches on fire, it will still be ok. Try that with a cloth hacky!


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