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    This footbag is similar to the Aluminum ones I make. The difference is that this one is made with Titanium rings.

    The Titanium used in this footbag is top of the line, US milled, spring temper, Grade 5 Titanium. One of the strongest Titanium alloys out there. This is the same stuff that is used by NASA to build spaceships.

    This footbag is filled with loose rings and weighs a little over Three (3) ounces. (About 85 grams.) When laying on a flat surface, it is 2.5 inches wide, and almost 1 inch tall. (About 6.5cm by 2.5cm).

     This metal footbag can take a LOT of punishment. And unlike cloth footbags, it cannot get ruined by muddirt, fireor water. Try that with a cloth hacky. And if it gets dirty, just toss it in the wash. It will come out nice and shiny.

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